Our Thrust Areas and Initiatives
Utthan's approach has been that of organizing vulnerable communities, help them identify their issues through a people centered situational analysis, identifying alternatives, help in demonstrating various socio, political economical and ecological viable alternatives and help in up scaling learning for a wider change and impact.

Utthan's main strategies are, selection of geographical areas of intervention, selection of the members, institutional building and strengthening at various levels, large scale mobilization through awareness, action research, information exchange and dissemination, capacity building, networking and policy advocacy. Utthan has emerged as a strong, committed gender sensitive processes oriented team and it views itself as facilitator of a strong and growing social movement in Gujarat, building grassroots level organizations, lobbying for just policies on critical development issues and working trough partnerships and networks.

There are three major thrust areas and activities:
 Gender and Empowerment
 Conflict Transformation, justice and Peace Processes
 Livelihood Security through Integrated Natural Resource Management and Disaster Preparedness

Each intervention is based on the local environment and its needs, which is consciously designed to mobilize community participation and ownership. The overarching perspectives which guides the process of facilitation is that of gender equality and human rights that enables the most vulnerable to live with dignity, without fear and with equal opportunities to change their status