Utthan's Outreach

Utthan has a strong presence in four districts, Bhavnagar, Amreli, Panchmahal and Dahod. It is now in the process of up-scaling its learning and impact through facilitating establishment and building of people’s learning centers in the coastal areas, regional center for safe drinking water and sanitation, gender and youth resource centers in the tribal area that will not only increase outreach of the community groups, but also increase access from wider area. Utthan outreaches at a larger scale through the following:

Peoples Learning Center for Water and Sanitation (PLC)

Peoples Learning Center for Water and Sanitation (PLC) is a new initiative of Utthan to translate its years of learning in water and sanitation. Communities across require better understanding of gender sensitive issues and requisite capacity building to voice their concerns and thereby make responsible demands based on informed choices, to access and realizes their water and sanitation needs. Government needs to put in place appropriate policies, programs, resources and institutional mechanism for genuine paradigm shift. PLC aims to contribute to this change.

Peoples Learning Center for Coastal Livelihood and Disaster Mitigation (PLC)

Is a Resource and Learning Centre on Coastal areas for providing information and learning opportunities to communities on different aspects of environmental status and its changes, the factors underlying the environmental changes, the challenges to livelihood of coastal people, the different policies and programmes of Government etc.

Tribal Area Development (TAD)
Utthan has been working in the tribal belt of Dhanpur block of Dahod district since 1995. This has been recognised as an area with a large number of economically poor and socially excluded adivasi and other OBC population, with extremely low health status of women, instances of violence against women, low education, and a very high number of migration. Its natural resources like forest and water have been either with forest department or with the irrigation department, barring access to these by the community. The geographical situation of this area is such that all the rainwater is carried way into the catchment area of two dams situated in this area. Due to the lack of any major river, water cannot be conserved easily in this area. Also because the area is on a slope there is a lot of soil erosion. This has resulted in disappearing forest cover. Post 2002 carnage, it started working in 10 villages in Santrampur taluka, Panchmahals (few of the villages fall in Dahod district) These are villages that have mixed population of adivasis, dalits, Muslims and OBCs.

Focus Group

Through its Coastal Area Development Program and Tribal Area Development Program, Utthan covers 154 villages of four districts, and reaches out to a population of 2,35,000 directly and 3,35,000 indirectly. These are the marginalized and poor people comprising of oppressed castes (dalits & other backward castes), adivasis (tribals) and religious minorities (Muslims, Christians, etc.) and the vulnerable like the aged and children. Other marginalized groups, many times synonymous with the groups mentioned above, are the landless, migrants and small/marginal farmers. Women from all of these categories, including the most vulnerable, out of thesegroups namely widows, single women and deserted women are the primary focus.

No. District Block Villages Population Total
        Male Female  
1 Bhavnagar 4 54 63,799 62,537 126336
2 Amreli / Mahuva 2 59 57027 52891 109917
3 Dahod / Panchmahal 5 60 59759 52891 109917
  Total 11 173 180585 168319 3,59,678
Organizations we outreach with on various issues
  Water and Sanitation Issues:
- Pravah
- Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council
- Global Rainwater Harvesting Network
- Jaldisha
- Gender and Water Alliance (GWA)
- Gujarat Water Supply & Sewerage Board
- Water and Sanitation Management Organization (WASMO)
  Gender Issues:
- Mahila Swaraj Abhaiyan (MSA)
- Saurashtra-Kachchh Network on Violence Against Women
- Gujarat Women's Economic Development Corporation
- National Alliance of Women's Organisations (NAWO)
- Working Group on Women and Land Ownership
  Natural Resource Management (NRM) Issues:
- Sajjata Sangh
- Gujarat Ecology Commission
- Council for the Advancement and Promotion of Rural Technology (CAPART)
- Janpath
- Citizen Initiative
- Capitalization of Experiences